Palau is a small island nation surrounded by shallow coral reefs in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It sits about 500 km northeast of North Sulawesi and 500 km east of the Philippines. It’s remote! This remoteness, however, works to our benefit as snorkelers because the shallow coral reefs are in fantastic condition, they

Palau has long been on my bucket list of destinations to visit, in fact, Palau was the first place on my personal bucket list primarily because it was the world’s first shark sanctuary, and I’m a bit of a shark enthusiast. Over the years I learned more about Palau from friends who’ve been and it

I love to go to Palau snorkeling Palau, a small archipelago of about 400 islands in the western Pacific Ocean, is one of the best places to go snorkeling in the world. The marine environment here is pristine, with spectacular and lively reefs stretching for miles, several shallow cleaning stations that attract sharks and manta