So, you’re thinking about joining a snorkeling safari but not quite sure you want to spend your hard end holiday time traveling around with a group of people you’ve never met before. What’s the group dynamic going to be like? I’m traveling alone so will I have to share a room with a stranger? Will

A lot of people wonder what type of wetsuit they need for a snorkeling trip, if any at all. My recommendation would be yes, no matter where you go snorkeling and how warm the water, purely for protection from the sun. But that’s just me being hyper-aware of anything that involves being in the sun,

SNORKEL VENTURE CLIENT JANET ROBINSON SHARES HER VERY FIRST EXPERIENCE OF SNORKELING IN THE TROPICS OF INDONESIA. When I told my family that I was going on a snorkeling adventure to Indonesia, they questioned my sanity. ‘Mom, are you sure about this?’ They said. ‘People like you don’t travel.’ They were right. I had worked