From the time you click the “Book Tour” button for your desired Snorkel Venture safari to the time you actually head to the airport can seem like ages, particularly if you’ve booked a tour a year or two out! Rather than just sit there twiddling your thumbs as you wait for that much anticipated date,

If you’ve never been on a snorkel safari before, let alone the country the safari will be in, you may be wondering what to pack! While we offer safaris to a variety of locations all around the world, the vast majority of them will require a very similar packing list as most of them take

We get a lot of questions about the level of fitness required to join one of our snorkel safaris, and the truth of the matter is we can’t really answer that question with a simple statement of “Guests need to be at this level of fitness to join the Komodo safari,” for example. Reason being

This video should hopefully paint a better idea of what it’s like to come on tour with us.   Key Points: Destinations and snorkel operators Arrival and where to meet Group travel Tour organization and daily schedule Safety Group dynamics

What should you expect from one of our guide led group snorkel safaris? Well, we have a ton of different locations all across the world—from Indonesia to the South Pacific, all the way to Cuba and Mexico. On some of these tours we will be based out of amazing resorts, while on other tours we