‘We’re a small team of avid snorkelers with a thirst for adventure. It’s time you joined us’

Our guides will take you to explore some of the finest marine locations on the planet. Tours start from 7 nights with our resort snorkel weeks and exclusively chartered yachts to island hopping safaris lasting up to 30 days, exploring topside highlights along the way. Here’s just a few reasons why you should choose us for your next snorkel adventure.

The People

We bring small groups of snorkelers together, on dedicated group tours designed specifically for snorkeling.

The Support

You’ll be assigned a tour consultant to guide you through all the pre trip planning you can think of.

The Destinations

Carefully researched and selected destinations and local partners, offering the very best underwater encounters.

The Tour Leaders

Our team of guides assist with everything, meeting you at the airport and taking care of you overland and underwater, from start to finish.

The Experience

Over 15 years of experience leading group tours to some of the world’s most remote destinations.

The Range

Choose from island hopping safaris to photography workshops and exclusively chartered yachts.

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Recently Released Tours

Forgotten Islands & Misool | Amira Liveaboard

Snorkel safari to the remote reefs of the Banda Sea's Forgotten Islands and Misool
12 nights

Belize Snorkeling & Shallow Freediving Workshop at Turneffe Island Resort

Looking to improve your snorkeling skills, join our experts in Belize.
8 nights

Alor & Misool Snorkeling Safari

The ultimate Alor & Misool Snorkeling tour featuring the region's best snorkeling sites for big fish and beautiful reefs.
20 nights
Apr, May

Lembeh - Togian Islands - Lembeh | Mermaid II Liveaboard

Snorkel safari to the remote reefs of Sulawesi, featuring the Togian Islands, Gorontalo, and Lembeh.
12 nights

Epic Indonesia Safari 2025 | Wakatobi-Alor-Komodo-Bali-Misool

Travel across Indonesia on this epic snorkeling safari, featuring 5 different locations.
31 nights
Mar, Apr

Dominican Republic Humpback Whale Expedition

No better place on the planet to snorkel alongside these gentle giants.
7 nights
giant clams with snorkelers above
2024 Price

Alor, Komodo & Raja Ampat Safari

Three of Indonesia's finest snorkeling destinations combined into one tour.
22 nights

Halmahera Snorkeling Tour

Secluded resort snorkeling tour set away from the crowds in northern Indonesia.
12 nights
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Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat

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SV Rash Guards | We’ve pledged 12,000 USD for Misool Foundation. Order one of our very own Snorkel Venture branded Rash Guards and all the revenue goes to support reef conservation in Indonesia. Buy One HERE.

SV Every Trip | Each tour is partnered with a charity organisation that supports the protection of the places we visit. For every person on our tours we donate 100 USD.

Find out about our conservation initiatives HERE.