Help us raise 12,000 USD for Misool Foundation with our Rash Guard Program


We believe we all have a responsibility to help protect the places where we snorkel, that’s why we’ve created Snorkel for Good. With Snorkel for Good we’ve pledged 12,000 USD for the Misool Foundation via our Rash Guard Program. It’s pretty simple, purchase one of our personalized Snorkel for Good-Fourth Element Hydro-T rash guards and 100% of the funds go to Misool Foundation – each rash guard retails at 60 USD, with a full 60 USD going to Misool Foundation. We have 200 available for purchase with shipping across the USA.

About Misool Foundation

Misool Foundation is the registered charity arm of the Misool Resort.  Based in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, our joint mission is to safeguard the most biodiverse reefs on Earth through the empowerment of local communities, providing a structure by which they are able to reclaim their traditional tenure-ship of reefs.

At the core of our operation is the belief that sustainable tourism and community-based conservation are mutually beneficial.  We seek to demonstrate to our local hosts, government, guests, and ourselves that sustainable tourism can provide a better life than logging, mining, or overfishing.

The Misool Foundation team manages a suite of conservation programmes which combine marine governance, waste management, community empowerment and species conservation.

The founding programme is the Misool Marine Reserve. The reserve protects 300,000 acres/1220 sq. km in South Raja Ampat – that’s the size of all five boroughs of New York City combined. It is comprised of two distinct No-Take Zones (NTZs) and a linking restricted-gear, blue-water corridor that is closed to all commercial fishing.

Additionally the foundation manages the following marine conservation and social development projects in Indonesia:

  • Misool Ranger Patrol – Misool, Raja Ampat
  • Savu Sea Alliance – Lamakera, Solor Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur
  • Bank Sampah Community Recycling Project – Sorong, Waisai and Yellu, Raja Ampat
  • Community Education Programmes – Fafanlap, Raja Ampat
  • Reef Restoration Project – Raja Ampat
  • Misool Manta Project – Raja Ampat

Snorkel Venture Rash Guards

If you’ve been on tour with us you might recognize our personally branded rash guards – it’s the first bit of kit our tour leaders pack alongside a mask and snorkel. They are quick drying, loose fitting for extra comfort, and have superb eco credentials being made from recycled ghost nets. In a nut shell they are top quality and we absolutely love them.

The team at Snorkel Venture were very much involved in the unique design process of these rash guards. Alongside creatives at Fourth Element we wanted to bring colour and style to the shirt. Frontside is a colourful reef image with the iconic whaleshark. Our logo is on the back and we have a logo for Snorkel for Good on the right arm.

Fourth Element Hydro-T Rash Guard

For years Fourth Element have been creating leading products for snorkelers. The Hydro-T Rash Guard is made from a thread derived from reclaimed ghost nets, yet the way it fits and functions makes it ultra versatile in or out of the water.

The advanced and durable material offers SPF 50+ while also wicking away water from your body keeping you comfortable thanks to the loose fit. In the water it functions just as a rash guard should and then dries rapidly when you surface.

With the Fourth Element Hydro-T you don’t have to worry about packing multiple changes of clothes, with this one vest you’ll be set for everything from kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking and of course many hours of snorkeling.

Snorkel For Good Rash Guards

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