2021 Price

Sulawesi & Raja Ampat Safari

Journey through two of Indonesia's premier snorkeling destinations with this amazing safari style tour.
14 nights
Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Sulawesi Photo Safari

Hone your underwater photography skills with our photo pro Alex Lindbloom.
13 nights
Humpback whale in clear blue water
2022 Price

Tonga & Fiji Safari

Our Tonga & Fiji Safari features encounters with humpback whales combined with amazing soft coral reefs.
14 nights
Sep, Oct
Snorkeler photographing whale shark
2021 Price

Triton Bay & Raja Ampat Safari

Amazing whaleshark encounters combined with the world's richest reefs in remote Indonesia.
12 nights
Nov, Dec
Wakatobi Snorkel Boat
2022 Price

Wakatobi Snorkel Week

Rich, vibrant coral reefs in clear blue waters of remote Indonesia.
8 nights
Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov