Cuba Liveaboard Safari

A chain of 250 pristine coral and mangrove islands, Cuba is widely considered to offer the healthiest reefs found anywhere in the Caribbean alongside abundant populations of shark species.
8 nights
Jun, Jul
over under perspective with reef below and landscape above
2022 Price

Egypt Snorkeling Safari

Egyptian history, amazing coral reefs and an all encompassing safari through the southern Red Sea.
13 nights
Mar, Apr, May

Epic Indonesia Safari | Alor-Komodo-Wakatobi-Bali-Misool

The ultimate Indonesia Safari featuring the regions premier snorkeling sites.
27 nights
Mar, Apr, May

French Polynesia Safari

Big fish safari style snorkeling in remote and visually stunning French Polynesia.
9 nights
Apr, May
Snorkelers with manta in Komodo
2021 Price

Komodo Snorkeling Week

Classic Komodo tour featuring all the highlights, one of our best for manta ray sightings.
8 nights
Sep, Oct

Mexico Big Fish Safari

Amazing big fish safari through the Baja Peninsular
7 nights
Feb, Mar, Apr