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The spectacular coast of Baja California Sur hosts the biannual migration of the magnificent Mobula Munkiana. There are three species of Mobula rays to encounter in the sea of Cortez; Mobula Mobular , Mobula Thurstoni, and the most famous Mobula Munkiana which we plan to spend hours snorkeling with, among other big animals like sea lions, dolphins, whalesharks, whales, and possibly orcas!

School of Mobula rays in cablo san lucas

Every year thousands of Mobula Munkiana, or Monk’s Rays, congregate and travel along the coast of the Sea of Cortez, sometimes in the thousands. The Mobula are elusive and magnificent creatures, and very little is known about them. In the Sea of Cortez, we have the opportunity to witness one of the largest and most magnificent spectacles the ocean has to offer. The Mobula are seen to fly both in and out of the water. In the water, they glide effortlessly and in unison, often just below the surface. The Mobulas also jump out of the water with an acrobatic might, achieving up to 2 meters of air, flapping their fins before slapping back down on the surface and rejoining their shoal. The summer months is also their mating period and we may be lucky to observe some courting behavior.

Is this trip right for me?

This is a very unique type of trip in that most of our time is spent in the open ocean looking primarily for mobulas, but also whales, sea lions, and dolphins which are also frequently spotted in the area and if we come across them we’ll have the opportunity to get in the water with them. Even though the team from Latitude Encounters has incredible knowledge of the marine life here, there can be times when we won’t see anything for anywhere from thirty minutes to a couple of hours, as these pelagic species can be hard to find at times. We also need to say that as these pelagic species can move relatively quickly, there may be a lot of in and out of the boat via the a  ladder as we reposition the boat to get back in the water. This safari is one of our more physically demanding tours and a reasonable level of physical strength is required for the particular tour. For more information about what you can expect from this tour please get in touch with us.

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Day 1 - Arrive in Los Cabos

Upon arrival at the San Jose Del Cabo Airport (SJD) you will be met by a member of the team and shuttled the two-and-a-half-hour drive to La Ventana, north of Cabo San Lucas. When you arrive at the hotel, Casa Tara, you can check in and relax. That evening you will meet your Snorkel Venture group tour leader and the other members of the safari  for dinner and a briefing on how the following days are going to be.

Day 2-6 Mobula Expedition

After a big breakfast at the hotel, we will load up into our own boats and head out in search of the mobulas and other open ocean beauties. We split the group into two boats as many pelagic species can be a bit shy when there are a lot of people in the water. This way we maximize our time in the water and our encounters with these wonderful animals. The boats will be in constant radio contact just in case something truly spectacular happens and both groups need to see it. Now, there are two different day options that we will choose depending on the activity of the day. Option one is two outings per day, early morning and late afternoon. The days in Baja during the summer months are long and the Mobulas are more likely to be active during sunrise and sunset. In the middle of the day, we will offer other activities such as local nature walks or beach excursions with lunch. However, if the action is very good we may use option two; spending a full day of 8 hours on the ocean.
giant school of mobula rays underwater
Depending on what sort of activity we are encountering, we may choose to go a bit further afield and check around Isla Ceralvo for some other types of marinlife like sea lions, dolphins, and whales, which if found, we’ll make every attempt to get in the water with.
Killer whales in blue water

Day 7 - Transfer to Los Cabos Airport

After a nice big breakfast and a bit of last-minute packing, we’ll check out of our hotel in Cabo San Lucas and be transferred back to the Los Cabos Airport just outside of Cabo San Lucas where the trip will finish.

For this epic journey, we’ll be beachside in a small town called La Ventana where our boutique hotel, Casa Tara, is located. Casa Tara will offer us everything we need in order to have a cool and comfortable stay when we’re not swimming with ocean giants.

The town of la Ventana itself is a small village known for fishing and kite surfing but is quickly becoming more and more famous amongst divers & snorkelers for the incredible marine life you can encounter here. The town is very basic and has mostly dirt roads, however, there are a few nice restaurants to visit as well as a great restaurant at the Hotel.

The hotel has it’s own large infinity pool pool that seems to fall right into the sea, plenty of places to lounge, and a fantastic restaurant that serves up Mexican and international cuisine.  Casa Tara is right on the beach so if you fancy a swim in the sea after a day of swimming in the sea, it’s right there!

Snorkel Boats

We will be using two panga style boats (we will split the group between the two boats). The boats have sun canopies as well as a ladder for exiting the water.

Resort Guide

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    mobula rays in Mexico
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    mobula rays in Mexico
    mobula rays in Mexico
    resort in Mexico
    Killer whales in blue water
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    resort in Mexico
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    olive ridley sea turtle on the surface
    School of Mobula rays in cablo san lucas
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    mobula rays in Mexico
    Snorkeler with mobula rays in Mexico
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