27 nights
Apr, May, Oct, Nov
12 People
Max Group Size

If you have only one chance at snorkeling the best sites in Indonesia, this is the tour for you. This epic 27 day snorkel safari is the most comprehensive tour we’ve ever put together for Indonesia as it includes stops in Alor, Komodo, Wakatobi, Bali, and Raja Ampat’s Misool. Not only will you be immersed in the best reefs and surrounded by throngs of fish, but you’ll also be hosted by the countries finest resorts who will look after your every need on land and in the water.

Alor will be the first stop on this nearly month-long journey. In this remote region of eastern Indonesia, we’ll be hosted by one of the only resorts in the area, Alami Alor. We charter the entire resort which will give us unfettered access to the resort and all that they offer, including their amazing house reef and all the snorkeling nearby. While Alor is still a bit of a secret to a lot of the world, we’ve become very fond of the snorkeling here as the shallow reefs remain in near pristine condition. Besides the vibrant coral reefs bursting with life, large cetaceans like blue whales and super pods of dolphins are not uncommon as we move between the sites.

Komodo is one of the premier snorkeling regions of Indonesia and we’ll be based at the beautiful Komodo Resort. This resort is situated on its own private island complete with hiking trails, a spa, a gym, decadent meals, and an outstanding house reef. Better yet, the resort is on the doorsteps to the national park’s boundary where we will encounter turtles, reef sharks, cephalopods, and almost certainly giant manta rays! Oh yes, and the famous Komodo Dragons!

Bali is well known around the world as being the ‘paradise island,’ and if you haven’t already experienced it, we’ll show you why. Outside of the transit stops, we will be spending three nights in the arts and cultural hub of Bali- Ubud. Here we intend to give you a taste of the amazing culture, food, stunning landscapes, and iconic temples, and of course, the exquisite resorts that Bali has become famous for.

Wakatobi is situated at the geographical center of the Coral Triangle, the most marine bio-diverse environment in the world. Wakatobi in particular is recognized as having the highest number of coral and fish species found anywhere on the planet and has a truly amazing house reef, which one can easily explore from the resort’s pier. The islands and reefs in the Wakatobi National Park have been preserved from the negative effects of large-scale tourism as the area is only accessible by private charter flights and liveaboard boats.

Misool is the southernmost set of islands in Raja Ampat and is truly a paradise brimming with pristine coral reefs and more exotic marine species than you possibly count in a single trip. Misool Resort is the only resort in this entire largely- uninhabited area, and yet the comfort and style of this resort is second to none. Because of the amazing conservation efforts taken on by the resort, the surrounding waters are densely populated with sharks, rays, and swarms of fish big and small.


Marine Life Guide

marine life guide Alor and Komodo


This tour is partnered with the Manta Trust. Find out how we support the Manta Trust via this tour here.

This tour itinerary is for the 2024 Group Tour. We are currently full for 2023.

Oct 28 - Arrive in Jakarta, 1 Night

Upon arrival into Jakarta International Airport (CGK) make your way to our Jakartak hotel where you can check in a relax. You will meet the group leader and group at the hotel restaurant for dinner and intro to the following days.
Overnight and breakfast are included.

Oct 29 - Transfer to Alami Alor Resort, 5 Nights

After checking out, we catch our early morning flight to Alor. Upon arrival at Alor, we will be met by Alami staff and transferred to the resort 45-60 minutes away. Once at the resort we will check in to our bungalows, have lunch and an orientation, and then snorkel on the house reef before dinner.
Alami Alor Resort
 5 nights in Alami Alor with unlimited house reef access, all meals included, water, tea, coffee. Includes morning boat snorkeling- usually 2 sites per morning. Local village tour available on request, not included in price

Oct 30 to 2 Nov - Snorkeling from Alami Alor Resort

Our days here will start with a delicious a la carte breakfast, followed by a morning snorkeling session which generally lasts anywhere from 70-90 minutes. Most the snorkel sites are between 15 and 30 minutes from the resort. We will then return to the resort for a big family-style lunch and some downtime where you can just relax with a book or snorkel on the house reef. After lunch we’ll jump in the resort’s two fantastic boats again and head out for our afternoon snorkel on a completely different site. Again, the snorkeling session will typically last anywhere from 70-90 minutes. Those who are interested can also join a guided night or sunset snorkel to see the magnificent mandarin fish doing their mating ritual just a few feet from the pier.
mandarin fish
Something that has become increasingly popular on our Alor trips is muck snorkeling. Alor has some world-class sites that are right next to the resort where in just a few minutes you can see anything from frogfish, seahorses, ghost pipefish, a whole array of scorpion fish, flying gurnards, and so much more!
If you are curious as to what I mean by muck snorkeling, check out this quick blog here. It has a less-than-appealing name, but everyone who’s thought they wouldn’t enjoy it ends up loving it!

Nov 3 - Transfer to Komodo Resort, 5 Nights

After breakfast we check out and transfer to the Alor airport where we will fly to Labuan Bajo and where we will be met by the Komodo Resort staff. We’ll then be transferred on a spacious boat to Komodo Resort’s private island, about an hour away. Upon arrival at the resort we will be checked into our bungalows and enjoy a fantastic a la carte lunch before a snorkel on the resort’s house reef.
house reef and pier at komodo resort
5 nights with unlimited house reef access, all meals are included, water, tea, coffee. Includes boat snorkeling in Komodo each day. There is an optional “Dragon Trek” which can be organized for one of the mornings to go and visit Rinca island to see the Komodo dragons and other wildlife in their natural habitat. The trek is not included in the tour price.

Nov 4 to 7 - Snorkeling from Komodo Resort

A full breakfast buffet spread is the order of the day. At around 9.30 we prepare for a day on the boat in the national park. Komodo Resort’s boats are spacious with bean bags on the upper deck which are comfy and provide a great vantage point for seeing the passing islands and wildlife. It takes around 1hr to reach most sites. We’ll typically enjoy two snorkel sessions at different sites with each session lasting  about an hour. We stay in the park for the entire morning and returning for lunch at the resort. In the afternoons at the resort we can take full advantage of it’s different amenities, whether it be indulging in the spa, grabbing a kayak, hiking the island’s trails, relaxing in beach loungers, or jumping in for an afternoon snorkel on the house reef.
hard coral reef with manta swimming through blue water

Nov 8 - Transfer to Bali, 3 Nights

After breakfast, we will transfer back to Labuan Bajo to catch our flight back to Bali where we will then be transferred to our outstanding resort in the cultural hub of Bali, Ubud. We will spend three nights indulging in all things Bali which will include the stunning land tours to the areas top sites. Resort details to be confirmed.

bali rice fields and volcano

Breakfast is included, but lunch and dinner are not included in the tour price.

Nov 11 - Transfer to Wakatobi, 4 Nights

The private charter flight from Bali to Wakatobi is early but we’ll enjoy a buffet breakfast in the executive lounge at the Bali airport before boarding. Once we land at the resort’s private air strip we will be transferred via a short boat ride to Wakatobi Resort where we can settle into our rooms and indulge in the resort’s bountiful lunch spread before a quick briefing and then some snorkeling on the resort’s amazing house reef.
4 nights with unlimited house reef access, all meals are included, water, tea, coffee. Includes all boat snorkeling sessions each day.

Nov 12 to 14 - Snorkeling from Wakatobi Resort

Our days here will start with a sumptuous breakfast buffet, followed by a morning snorkel sessions where we will explore two different sites. We typically spend about an hour at each site before returning to the resort for lunch.  Sites are anywhere from ten minutes to twenty-five minutes away by their large wood boats, which we have exclusive use of.
white nudibranch crawling over white sand with reef behind
After a relaxing lunch break we head back out for another afternoon snorkel session where we will stop at one of the other amazing reefs for another hour or so. Some days we may do two morning sessions by boat and a scheduled house reef snorkel as not to miss anything on the awesome reef. Night snorkeling is always an option on the house reef and highly recommended.

Nov 15 - Transfer to Makassar, 1 Night

*This days itinerary is subject to change if a more convenient flight option becomes available.
In the evening we will catch our short flight to Bali and onwards to Makassar for a nice group dinner and a night in the comfortable hotel before boarding our flight to Sorong the following morning.
Dinner is included.

Nov 16 - Transfer to Misool Resort, 7 Nights

After an early breakfast we will depart for Sorong, the port to Raja Ampat. We will be met in Sorong by the Misool Resort staff and then board their comfortable speedboat for a 4-5 hour ride through the stunning archipelago to the resort. The boat is covered, equipped with a flushing toilet, and stocked with plenty of snacks and drinks for the scenic ride.
panorama of misool resort's rooms and balcony
Upon arrival at Misool Resort we have time to settle into our exquisite rooms and then indulge in a delicious lunch. For those that are eager to get in the water the house reef is just in front of the resort and a guided snorkel session will be organized that afternoon.
Meals at Misool are served in the beautiful outdoor restaurant set over the water, with stunning views of the North Lagoon. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet-style, while dinner is plated and served. Tea is served mid-afternoon where baked goods, savory and sweet, will be served. The resort has a hydroponics lab and grows much of the ingredients we will eat right there. Other products are sourced from nearby local villages. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated with advance notice.
All meals are included, as well as water, tea, coffee, and all boat snorkeling activities.

Nov 17 to 22 - Snorkeling from Misool Resort

Our days here will start with a delicious buffet breakfast followed by a snorkel trip by boat. Most of the snorkel sites are between 10 and 30 minutes from the resort. We will then return back to the resort for a big buffet lunch and some downtime, before heading back out to another site. Each snorkel session will last between 60 – 90 minutes. We will always have boat support so you can take a break back on the boat if you wish. Local snorkel guides will be with us in the water and available to point out interesting creatures we may encounter.

colorful soft coral in raja ampat

We will also have plenty of opportunities to snorkel the expansive and healthy house reef, arguably one of the best in the world. Also highly recommended is a night snorkel or two- the reef completely transforms at night when the nocturnal creatures come out to hunt, including eels, sharks, cuttle fish, octopus, squid, crabs, shrimps…. the list is long. Evenings, when not snorkeling, can be enjoyed at the bar with a soft drink or beer, looking at fish ID books or photos and reminiscing about all the fabulous things encountered each day.

Nov 23 - Transfer to Sorong, 1 Night

After a big breakfast we will be transferred back to Sorong where we will stay in the very comfortable Aston Hotel. We will enjoy a final group dinner together at the hotel.
Dinner is included

happy snorkel venture guests

Nov 24- Flight to Jakarta, Tour Ends

In the morning after the breakfast buffet we will catch our flight to Jakarta where we will all go our separate ways as the tour ends here.
Breakfast is included

Alami Alor Resort

Alami Alor is an intimate resort situated on a remote and quiet bay which combines luxury accommodation and delicious locally inspired food. Your bungalow sits on the waterfront. The bedroom is air-conditioned and has a private patio, and there is an open-air garden bathroom. There is plenty of outdoor seating in the main common area complete with sofas and sun loungers.

Alami Alor Resort Bungalows

Komodo Resort

Komodo Resort is set on its own private island in a secluded area of eastern Indonesia. Not only is it on the doorsteps to some of Komodo’s finest snorkeling sites, it has a spectacular and gorgeous house reef, a powder white sand beach for afternoon relaxation and accommodation finely in tune with its surroundings. The abundance of pristine reefs, islands, islets and sandy bays found within range of Komodo Resort would take a lifetime to explore.

Komodo Resort Rooms

Novotel Bali

The Novotel airport hotel is conveniently located within the Bali airport and offers all the comforts and more for those looking for a bit of relaxation between flights. Rooms are spacious and equipped with AC, Wi-Fi, and hot water showers. There is a roof-top lounge which offers a unique vista of the seaside runway. Outside of the lobby there is an outdoor garden and large swimming pool. The large dinning room is perfect for group meals and serves delicious western and Asian cuisine.

Novotel bali airport guest room


Despite it’s secluded location, the resort has beautiful luxurious accommodations built in tune with the environment using ethically and locally sourced materials and labor. The resort offers additional creature comforts like a full-service spa, a jetty cocktail bar with amazing sunset views, a small library and audio-visual room and souvenir shop. The food at the resort is refined and the professional chefs combine fresh ingredients to create a variety of Indonesian, Asian and International dishes.

Wakatobi Resort's rooms


One of the world’s most remote snorkel resorts – Misool Resort – is neatly located on it’s own private island. The Water Cottages and villas on the North side of the lagoon rise on stilts over a tranquil lagoon, shaded by limestone cliffs – each one with a set of steps that lead you into the water and the house reef which is just a few fin strokes away.

two paddle boarders infront of misool resort's bungalows

The restaurant is set back from a white sand beach and serves up a variety of western and Indonesian treats throughout the day, as well as afternoon tea.

interior of Misool resort's water bungalows

All resorts will make every effort to cater to special dietary requirements if prior notice is given. (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free etc).

Resort Guide

Snorkel Boats

Komodo Resort and Alami Alor's snorkeling boats

Alami Alor: Spacious fiberglass speedboats with enough room to easily store snorkeling equipment. The boats do not have a toilet onboard but do offer a full canopy for sun protection and a ladder to help exit the water. Distances from the resort are short, maximum thirty minutes.

Komodo Resort: Large wooden boats complete with gear up area and partially covered sun deck. Bean bags are on board as well as a marine toilet and fresh water bins for equipment and cameras. Average travel time from the resort to the sites is one hour. Exit the water via ladders at the back of the boat.

Misool and wakatobi boats

Misool Resort: Spacious fiberglass speedboats with enough room to easily store snorkeling equipment. The boats do not have a toilet onboard but do offer a full canopy for sun protection and a ladder to help exit the water. Distances from the resort average twenty five minutes.

Wakatobi: Large wooden boats complete with gear up area and full canopy for sun protection. Marine toilets with showers are on all boats as well as fresh water bins for equipment and cameras. Average travel time from the resort to the sites is fifteen minutes. Exit the water via ladders on the side of the boat.

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    Price: USD 14,450 per person

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    12 Months before departure interim deposit of $1500 per person

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    • 27 nights accommodation
    • 1 night in a Jakarta hotel + Breakfast
    • 5 nights Alami Alor, Sea View Room, full board, 8 boat snorkeling sessions plus unlimited house reef
    • 5 nights Komodo Resort, Deluxe Room, full board, 8 boat snorkeling sessions plus unlimited house reef
    • 4 nights Wakatobi Resort, Palm View Room, full board, 3 full days of unlimited boat and house reef snorkeling
    • 3 nights Bali, breakfast, 2 x half day land tours
    • 7 nights Misool Resort, Water Cottage, full board, 10 boat snorkel sessions plus unlimited house reef snorkeling
    • 1 night Sorong Hotel & 1 night Makassar Hotel with breakfast & dinner
    • All marine park fees
    • Roundtrip transfers | Jakarta – Alor – Komodo – Bali – Wakatobi – Bali – Misool – Jakarta
    • All internal flights in economy class with 40bls checked baggage per person
    • Boat snorkel sessions a plus unlimited house reef snorkeling
    • Accompanied by a Snorkel Venture group leader


    • Travel and health insurance (compulsory)
    • Gratuities
    • Snorkel equipment rental
    • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
    • Lunch and dinner in Bali
    • Dinner in Jakarta on arrival day
    • Lunch and dinner on departure day
    • Sundries- laundry services, souvenirs etc.
    • Komodo Dragon optional tour
    • Alor local village optional tour
    • Additional boat snorkel sessions not listed above
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    • 1 year or more: 150 USD penalty per person to switch to a credit note for use within 2 years
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    • 90 – 28 days: 25% Refund (includes your final balance payment)
    • 28 – 0 days: No Refund

    We recommend that you purchase travel insurance to protect your deposit in the event that you have to cancel your trip.

    bat fish with beautiful reef and sun rays behind
    Komodo National Park Aerial
    split shot of hard coral reef and raja ampat islands
    school a chevron barracuda
    snorkeler surrounded by baby sharks
    aerial view of wakatobi resort
    aerial view of wakatobi resort
    octopus standing up
    view from wakatobi bungalows
    Wakatobi Resort's rooms
    Alami Alor Resort
    Komodo Resort Beach Bar
    Coral reef with sun burst behind coral
    snorkeler swimming and filming mola mola on the surface
    Alami Alor Resort
    Vast coral reef with snorkelers above
    Many baby sharks
    Misool resort bungalow
    hawksbill turtle looking into camera lens
    Banded sea snake on coral reef
    lion fish with sun behind
    two juvenile batfish on the surface
    school of bat fish and manta ray
    Happy snorkel venture guests
    colorful soft coral in raja ampat
    Komodo Resort Rooms
    hard coral reef with manta swimming through blue water
    guests standing in shallow water with many baby sharks around their feet
    Happy couple snorkeling a reef in Komodo
    squid in black water
    two paddle boarders infront of misool resort's bungalows
    schooling fish around soft coral colony
    Reef manta cleaning on reef
    Large school of fish over coral reef
    Happy snorkeling guests in Komodo
    Komodo Resort Food
    two komodo dragons lying on top of each other
    aerial view of misool resort