Humpback whale in clear blue water
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Tonga & Fiji Safari

Tonga is an unspoilt kingdom known as “The Friendly Islands”, spread out over 170 islands, most of which are uninhabited. Tongatapu is the capital, however, the focus of the trip is on the island of Vava’u in the northern reaches of the country. Here pigs and chickens roam the streets, rugged and low-key villages are peppered among the palm trees and the beaches, but despite the lack of luxury hotels the gorgeous beaches and very warm nature of the local people make you feel incredibly welcome – life runs along at a slow and informal pace. Tonga has many beautiful snorkeling opportunities, but the main drawcard for us here is the annual migration of the humpback whales through the area. The humpbacks migrate from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic to the waters of Tonga to birth, nurse, court and mate before returning to the colder waters to feed again. Tonga is one of the very few places in the world where it is possible to snorkel with these majestic giants and their calves. Fiji, a small country just a short flight from Tonga which has it all including white sand beaches, palm trees and warm turquoise water. Kaduva Island – the fourth largest island in Fiji – is our destination and is a short domestic flight from the international airport. Kaduva has just one town and a handful of roads which makes it the perfect base to relax and explore the unspoilt landscapes and uncrowded snorkel spots of the Great Astrolabe Reef.   Marine Life Guide
14 nights
Sep, Oct