giant clams with snorkelers above
2024 Price

Alor, Komodo & Raja Ampat Safari

Three of Indonesia's finest snorkeling destinations combined into one tour.
per person
22 nights
12 People
Purple anemone in reef with snorkeler above

Epic Indonesia Safari 2025 | Wakatobi-Alor-Komodo-Bali-Misool

Travel across Indonesia on this epic snorkeling safari, featuring 5 different locations.
per person
31 nights
Mar, Apr
13 poeple
Mermaid II liveaboard in front of Islands

Lembeh-Halmahera-Raja Ampat | Mermaid II Liveaboard

Snorkel safari to the remote reefs of Halmahera, featuring Raja Ampat and Lembeh.
per person
12 nights
Snorkeler above coral reef in Raja Ampat
2024 Price

Raja Ampat and Wakatobi Snorkel Safari

Rich and vibrant coral reefs and big fish in clear blue waters of remote Indonesia.
per person
16 Nights
16 People