Snorkeling next to ocean giants like turtles, mantas, whale sharks, and even whales is one of those dreams every snorkeler shares. Whether you’re snorkeling in Belize, Komodo, Raja Ampat, Tonga, or any of our awesome snorkeling destinations, there’s a pretty good chance at least one of these beauties will come say hello. The important thing

GoPro cameras have become a very popular camera for snorkeling and for a number or solid reasons. Their small size is perfect for traveling, not to mention all GoPro’s from the Hero 5 onwards are waterproof to certain depths without a housing. That being said, it’s wise to use a housing for added flood security.

You defiantly don’t have to be scuba diving to take photos underwater. In fact, a lot of the most widely used photography techniques take place in very shallow water where a mask and snorkel are the preferred respiratory gear by most professional underwater photographers. Check out this list of the five most widely used photo

A lot of people wonder what type of wetsuit they need for a snorkeling trip, if any at all. My recommendation would be yes, no matter where you go snorkeling and how warm the water, purely for protection from the sun. But that’s just me being hyper-aware of anything that involves being in the sun,

SNORKEL VENTURE CLIENT JANET ROBINSON SHARES HER VERY FIRST EXPERIENCE OF SNORKELING IN THE TROPICS OF INDONESIA. When I told my family that I was going on a snorkeling adventure to Indonesia, they questioned my sanity. ‘Mom, are you sure about this?’ They said. ‘People like you don’t travel.’ They were right. I had worked