Here’s some of the things we are doing to help reduce the impact of Snorkel Venture operations

  • We buy carbon credits for all tour leader and Snorkel Venture associated flights with Climate Care.
  • We give a sustainability briefing at the beginning of our tours which outline a code of practice in the water (see below).
  • We’re committed to small group tours, using partners which share our desire to protect the underwater world.
  • We carry a maximum of 750 snorkelers per year.
  • We don’t print or distribute any offline promotional material (brochures, leaflets etc).
  • We operate as a paperless organisation and switch off computers and office equipment when idle.
  • We encourage working from home to reduce local travel.


Here’s some things you can do to help us be a more sustainable company

  • We only allow reef safe sunscreen to be used before snorkeling. See Stream2Sea website for orders.
  • We have a strict no touch, no harass policy in the water.
  • We ask that you pay close attention to your body and fin position in the water over shallow reef.
  • We ask that you give large pelagic species such as manta, whalesharks and whales plenty of space in the water.
  • We ask that you limit the use of your camera flash when photographing up-close critters and slow moving marine life.
  • We ask you bring a refillable water bottle and refill from resort/liveaboard stations.
  • We ask you to bring batteries home for recycling, or better still use rechargeable batteries.
  • We ask you to limit the amount of laundry you do on tour.
  • We ask you to use biodegradable body and hair wash on tour. See Stream2Sea website for orders.
  • Finally please consider buying carbon credits with Climate Care. Calculate here using your Airport Codes.