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Sarah Kemsley
Co Founder

Sarah spent many years working in the dive, snorkel and tourism industry before return to the UK to co found Snorkel Venture. Over a period of 8 years round the world locations included Fiji, Belize and Mexico alongside much of south east Asia including Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia with over 3000 dives to her belt. As a co founder of Dive Safari Asia she also acted as a tour leader on overland tours through remote Sumatra and various locations in Indonesia. Now based in UK Sarah manages the financial side of the companies and product development.

Ben Stokes
Co Founder

Ben worked as a dive & snorkel guide in numerous locations around the world before first setting up Dive Safari Asia (our sister company) and more recently Snorkel Venture. Clocking up over 4000 dives and many hours in remote locations with just a mask and snorkel during that time. Ben still likes to be the first to see the destinations we offer so regularly heads off on exploratory trips, whilst not in the water he oversees the day to day running of the business and loves telling people about his latest findings.

Bernita Lewin
Operations Manager

Bernita is our supreme tour leader, manager of operations and all round logistics super star. After meeting Ben and Sarah at a dive school in Malaysia in 2005 she went on to manage numerous dive operations across the Asian continent before joining back up with us in 2016. With expert knowledge across Indonesia and Philippines she continues to lead many trips including to Papua New Guinea and Palau as well as overseeing our complete tour logistics across both Dive Safari Asia and Snorkel Venture.


Maggie Russell
Tour Leader

A keen diver, snorkeler and all round underwater lover Maggie's experience in UK club diving logistics meant she was a perfect fit for Dive Safari Asia & Snorkel Venture. Maggie joined the team in 2013 as tour leader and has since taken clients to Raja Ampat, Sulawesi, Maldives, Komodo & Alor. With a passion for underwater photography and an interest in weird and wonderful marine life Maggie loves to explore remote parts of Indonesia.