Marsa Shagra Resort’s house reef is arguably one of the biggest house reefs we visit on any of our resort-based snorkeling safaris. It starts just a few meters offshore where the northern and southern sections of the reef come together to make the point of a sort of V. This unique topographic feature offers lots

Papua Explorers, located in the northern region of Raja Ampat has a great house reef accessible by your water bungalow at high tide, or the long jetty at any point of the day, no matter the position of the tide. The end of the jetty is right where the reef slopes off into deeper water

Coral bleaching is something you’ve probably heard quite a bit about in the past few years, and, unfortunately, are likely to hear more about in the future. The Caribbean had a major bleaching event back in 2005, then later again in 2010, and then just recently experienced another bleaching event in September 2023. Australia’s great

Even if you are not an ocean enthusiast and prefer the terrestrial world for your recreational endeavors, you will surely have had encounters with the lionfish, either through beautiful underwater photos or videos featuring this lavishly decorated fish. Or, maybe you’ve had some lionfish ceviche & tacos while on holiday in the Caribbean. Lionfish are

These small and beautiful creatures are ever more becoming popular in the world of snorkeling. Over the past few years it’s great to see more macro species, becoming a must see on our snorkeling trips. With Nudis ( Nudibranch ) being at the top of the list. With so many variations of colour, size and