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Komodo Resort is located on the island of Sebayor Besar, about one hour or so from Labuan Bajo and about one hour from the boundaries of Komodo National Park. The reef is quite large, extending from a corner in the south, all the way up past the resort’s most northern bungalow to the mushroom-shaped islands.

The reef is accessible from the resort’s wooden jetty which has two different wood ladders leading into the water. We do not enter from the beach unless it’s very high tide as the shallows are either reef, sea grass, or limestone and it’s just much easier to enter from the jetty. Sometimes, we will organize to be dropped at the northern or southernmost points of the reef and then slowly drift back toward the resort. If you are snorkeling from the resort and do not have organized boat support we suggest not going beyond the last bungalow, either in the north or south, as the current can be a bit strong and if it changes it can be tricky to get back to the jetty.

The reef is stunning and only gets prettier as you get further away from the jetty/pier. Closer to shore in front of the bungalows, you’ll find a mix of white sand and corals. As you swim towards the slope you’ll see the reef density increase as well as the the fish life. We suggest spending your time on the edge where you have the slope on one side and the plateau on the other. This is where you get the best mix of bigger marine life like the resident school of jacks, batfish, turtles, and reef sharks which hang out where there’s deeper water.

On your other side, In the shallow plateau, there is also tons of life, like schools of soldier fish, squirrel fish, damsel fish, all the different species of angel fish, and of course anemone fish. In the past, we have encountered numerous cuttlefish laying eggs right up in the shallows in front of the bungalows.

Komodo Resort sits right on a channel that acts as a thoroughfare for marinelife so it’s not impossible to spot larger animals passing through the channel, such as mantas, mobula rays, eagle rays, and even dugong if you are very lucky!

The current is something you need to be mindful of when snorkeling the house reef at Komodo Resort. The current runs north to south through the channel and you’ll be able to tell which way it’s going by looking at the resort’s boats tied up to the moorings in the channel. Around the new moon or full moon, it can be quite strong, particularly on the slope. In the shallows around the plateau, it’s much less. If you ever feel like it’s getting too strong we suggest swimming in closer to shore as the current will decrease and you’ll be able to comfortably swim back to the jetty.

In the mornings and evenings the end of the jetty is just full of life and well worth exploring. This is typically where the school of jackfish and batfish hang out, not to mention schools of fusiliers and snapper. You just have to be mindful of any boats coming to drop off or pick up guests.

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