Kusu Island Resort is located on Kusu, a small island in the south of Halmahera Indonesia. The resort is located on the southern side of the island, and the house reef sprawls out in front of the resort. At high tides you can access the reef from your villa if you are on the mangrove

You might think you don’t need a hood for a snorkeling safari as the tropical waters are similar in temperature to bathwater. However, we would argue that you really do need a hood, and more than that, one that fits snugly on your head. It doesn’t matter if you have a nest of thick locks,

When I first ventured out in pursuit of a career in underwater film and photography, Palau was the one place I had my sights set on. However, in the fifteen years I’ve worked as an underwater photographer/videographer, having visited some of the world’s best locations for capturing the unique and awe-inspiring beauty of the underwater

Marsa Shagra Resort’s house reef is arguably one of the biggest house reefs we visit on any of our resort-based snorkeling safaris. It starts just a few meters offshore where the northern and southern sections of the reef come together to make the point of a sort of V. This unique topographic feature offers lots

Papua Explorers, located in the northern region of Raja Ampat has a great house reef accessible by your water bungalow at high tide, or the long jetty at any point of the day, no matter the position of the tide. The end of the jetty is right where the reef slopes off into deeper water