Everything you Need to Know About Alcohol
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On all of our snorkeling safaris, the resort or liveaboard will have a selection of alcohol. Some of the liveaboards and resorts will have a reasonable selection of beer, wine, and spirits, while others’ selections will be quite minimal. Some of the resorts and liveaboards that we use for our snorkeling safaris will have it as an additional charge, while at other places it will be complimentary. Prices can also vary in countries like Indonesia & Palau where there is a hefty tax on alcohol, particularly liquor and wine. If you fancy an evening cocktail after your final snorkel of the day made with your favorite spirit without breaking the bank, it’s almost always possible to bring a bottle or two of your favorite spirit. Nearly all the resorts and liveaboards that we use allow guests to bring whatever they like. Just make sure you know how much you can legally bring into the country. 

Please note that alcohol and snorkeling do not mix. As a safety precaution, we do not allow guests to snorkel after they’ve had any sort of alcoholic beverage. Alcohol should only be consumed after your final snorkel of the day.

Resorts and Liveaboards with Complimentary Alcohol

Liquor Allowances by Country 

  • Indonesia – 1 liter per person
  • Belize – 1 liter per person
  • Egypt – 1 liter per person
  • Mexico – 3 liters of liquor or beer and 6 liters of wine
  • French Polynesia – 2 liters of liquor and 2 liters of wine
  • Palau – 1 Bottle per person, bottle cannot exceed 2 liters
  • Cuba – 2 Bottles per person, the total amount can not exceed 3 liters in total

*Please note that the amounts are not official and the limits are subject to change, please double-check what the allowances are before you depart.

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