Snorkeling Safari Travel Hacks
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Snorkel Venture is a full-service travel agency that organizes guide-led group snorkeling safaris all over the world. We have the capability to organize every part of your snorkeling safari, even the portions of the tour where you won’t be with the group! We book all the domestic flights, we organize all the transport and accommodation, our Snorkel Venture guides will escort you from start to finish, and we can even book your big international flights, if you wish.  While we take care of every possible detail on the snorkeling safaris, there are still a few things that you will need to do in order to prepare yourself for your upcoming snorkeling safari. Packing your bag and making sure you are at the airport on time is really all you need to do. However, if you really want to get the most out of the trip so you can travel and snorkel in the utmost comfort, we suggest following these simple travel hacks, starting with reading your Know Before You Go and any of the other documents we send you before the tour starts!

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  • Alcohol

In some countries, like Indonesia, alcohol can be a bit on the expensive side and the options might not be too great if that particular country has any sort of tax on alcohol. In other countries, like Cuba or Belize, alcohol is very cheap with plenty of options. If you fancy an evening cocktail made with your favorite spirit without breaking the bank, it’s a good idea to check what the allowance is for bringing in duty-free alcohol to that particular country. One way to find that out, read the Know Before You Go document we send you before the trip. 

  • Laundry

Nearly all the resorts and liveaboards we use will have a laundry service. For some, laundry is a free service. For other resorts, it’s an additional charge. If you just want to wash some of your bare essentials in the sink without having to pay anything, pick up a couple of small travel-sized washing powder sachets. A quick wash in the sink followed by a few hours in the sun on the drying racks in front of the room or on the railings of the boat will keep you in clean clothes throughout the trip while not having to spend anything on laundry. 

  • Sun Protection

This is a super important one. On our snorkeling safaris, we are spending four or more hours each day in direct sunlight with the added reflection of the water. If you do not take sun protection seriously, you will very much regret it and it could potentially ruin your trip, at least a few days of it. The easiest way to stay protected during our snorkeling sessions is by simply covering up. I personally don’t like using sun cream, it’s annoying to put on and I always miss a spot that leaves weird red patches on the backs of my legs. I wear a full-length hooded wetsuit, fingerless gloves, and socks in the water. When I’m on the boat, even under the canopy, I wear a buff around my neck, ears, and nose with a safari-style hat. 

There are some amazing lightweight options for covering up, as I said buffs or neck gaiters are amazing for keeping your necks, tops of the heads, ears, and nose covered. There are men’s and women’s lycra leggings as well as long sleeve rash guards that are great for in and out of the water. Our Snorkel for Good loose-fitting hydro-t’s are perfect for snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking. Check out this blog to find out other ways to stay protected during your next snorkeling safari. 

  • Packing

Before you start the packing process, it’s a good idea to read the Know Before You Go we send you before the snorkeling tour starts to see what the weather is like and to see what the cultural etiquette is for covering up, and what the weight allowances are for flights. On nearly all of our tours, you will get 20kg/44 lbs of checked luggage plus a 7kg/15 lbs hand-carry item for domestic flights. My suggestion is to pack all of your snorkeling gear in your checked luggage along with the bulk of your clothes. All essential medicines and basic toiletries along with a spare change of clothes and electronics should be in your hand carry. For a more in-depth guide on what to pack, check out this blog.  For info on how to pack, check out this blog.

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  • Zip Lock Bags

This one is quick and simple. Sometimes, things like rashguards and wetsuits just don’t dry in time before our flights, especially if it’s been raining on the afternoon we had designated as a drying time for gear. For this reason, it’s a good idea to travel with a few larger plastic bags. 

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