If you haven’t been snorkeling for a while, it’s very possible that you may experience a leg cramp while you’re on a snorkel, even if you are someone who is in particularly good shape and walks, runs, or bicycles regularly. When we snorkel we use our legs—particularly our calf muscles—in a different way than when

Location Description Wakatobi is technically a regency of 150 small islands off the southeast coast of Sulawesi, but when we talk about Wakatobi as a snorkeling destination, we mean the area within that regency that is a national park. Wakatobi is one of Indonesia’s most famous, and also most remote snorkeling destinations as it only

Unless you’re traveling business class, there’s no denying that flying long distances—like from the United States to Asia—can be physically exhausting and uncomfortable, particularly if you happen to be someone who needs a bit more legroom and or just can’t sleep on planes. As a full-time guide for Snorkel Venture who’s originally from the U.S