During the first week of May 2021 we were finally able to run the very first snorkel safari since the pandemic shut down the world. Needless to say, we were ecstatic to finally be able to fun a tour. Not only did we have some amazing underwater surprises like eagle rays and hunting octopus, but we also had a very cool surprise for all the guests which came in the form of SeaLife underwater cameras.

Our guide and video/photo pro, Alex, is also a field editor for Dive Photo Guide, and through that relationship we were able to arrange for several different newly released models of SeaLife underwater cameras to be brought onboard for all the guests to use as they please. This was such a nice surprise for everyone, as it not only allowed those who have never used a camera underwater to get a feel for underwater shooting, but it also allowed those who already have a camera to try out a different brand— with two different models to choose from.

The two models of SeaLife camera we were given were the SeaLife Micro 3.0, which is more along the lines of a traditional compact camera—only it’s completely sealed so no need to worry about messing around with o-rings and camera housings. The other camera was the SeaLife Reefmaster RM-4K, which is basically SeaLife’s version of a GoPro. Both cameras shoot both video and photo, with the ability to capture images in RAW format as well as 4K video. They are designed to be as simple as possible and have some pretty cool, easy-to-use settings, that allowed guests to capture images with amazing natural colors.

Guest’s Photo with the SeaLife Micro 3.0

If you would like any help choosing your next cameras, or are curious about a camera you may already have and want to to know how to get the most out of it, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we have a lot of experience with various underwater camera systems.

Guest’s photo with the SeaLife RM-4K

About Author

Alex Lindbloom
Alex is a Snorkel Venture and Dive Safari Asia guide as well as the video and photo pros for both companies. Alex is also a field editor for a popular underwater photography magazine. Prior to joining Snorkel Venture in 2018 Alex lived and worked all over the world working as an underwater cameraman, with five of those years living/working on a yacht in Indonesia. Alex's images and videos have garnered many international awards such as Underwater Photographer of the Year and can be seen on NatGeo, Discovery Channel, the UN Building, and various magazines.