Beyond the Snorkeling
Two guests pose behind a komodo dragon

With a name like Snorkel Venture, it should come as no surprise that our specialty is putting together snorkeling adventures. While our main priority is to get our guests as much time in the water as possible, we also put a lot of thought and effort into activities that take place on terra firma as we know that some guests may wish to take a more leisurely approach to their snorkeling holiday. Here’s a little breakdown of some of the land-based actives we incorporate into our snorkeling safaris.

Unique Land Excursions

On just about all of our snorkeling safaris, regardless of whether or not it’s a resort or a liveaboard based tour, we always try to do at least one land excursion. In Komodo, for example, we spend a morning hiking one of the nearby islands in search of the Komodo Dragons, in Belize we spend an afternoon walking through the ancient Mayan ruins, and in Alor we visit a local village. Each of our locations offers outstanding snorkeling, but no tour would be complete without a taste of the local culture, sites, and wildlife.

Kayaking and Paddle Boards

two paddle boarders infront of misool resort's bungalows

Nearly all the resorts we stay with will be on the water and as a result, many of the resorts and some of the liveaboards will have a fleet of kayaks and or stand-up paddle boards on hand for you to use whenever you want. This is an excellent way to spend an afternoon between snorkel sessions as you can explore the little bays and islets of the surrounding area.


guest being massaged over a coral reef

There are always a few guests who come on our snorkel safari’s who are keen to snorkel but also want to just spend ample time just relaxing in a tropical environment. We fully encourage you to enjoy your snorkeling holiday the way you want to, which is why we’ve chosen the resorts and liveaboards carefully. Each resort or vessel will have ample space for you to comfortably lounge around indoors, in the shade, in a pool or jacuzzi, or on a beach as you let your body and mind unwind. Not only that but many of the places will have an on-site spa where you can really pamper yourself!

About Author

Alex Lindbloom
Alex is a Snorkel Venture and Dive Safari Asia guide as well as the video and photo pros for both companies. Alex is also a field editor for a popular underwater photography magazine. Prior to joining Snorkel Venture in 2018 Alex lived and worked all over the world working as an underwater cameraman, with five of those years living/working on a yacht in Indonesia. Alex's images and videos have garnered many international awards such as Underwater Photographer of the Year and can be seen on NatGeo, Discovery Channel, the UN Building, and various magazines.