Whale sharks are easily one of the most recognizable fish in the ocean. Not only are they the largest species of shark in the ocean measuring up to sixty feet in length, but they are covered in giant white polka dots and only eat plankton and tiny fish! What more could you ask for, than

Even though we’re snorkeling and can just stick our head out of the water when we need to communicate with each other, for most things it’s just quicker and easier to use simple hand signals. We use these hand signals to not only communicate things like “hey are you ok?” or the “current is going

At the moment there are two distinct species of manta ray, the larger oceanic manta ray (manta birostris) and the slightly smaller reef manta (manta alfredi).  To keep things simple I’m going to just refer to them as mantas as they are found in the same areas with a few exceptions. Mantas inhabit just about

This video should hopefully paint a better idea of what it’s like to come on tour with us.   Key Points: Destinations and snorkel operators Arrival and where to meet Group travel Tour organization and daily schedule Safety Group dynamics

What should you expect from one of our guide led group snorkel safaris? Well, we have a ton of different locations all across the world—from Indonesia to the South Pacific, all the way to Cuba and Mexico. On some of these tours we will be based out of amazing resorts, while on other tours we