No matter what destination we are snorkeling, there is one photography question I probably get asked more than any other photo question. “Wide angle or macro for the next site?”  Unless it’s a night snorkel where we are likely to encounter smaller critters in the shallow reef, I will almost always say wide angle, and

A lot of snorkelers want to dive beneath the surface to get closer to the reef, fish, and to just enjoy the feeling of being completely immersed in this wonderful underwater world. Those of you just starting out with your snorkeling pursuits may find this whole diving down thing a bit tricker than you anticipated

I’ve noticed a couple trends among snorkelers with cameras. The first is that just about all of them want to photograph the wonderful reef fish we encounter our snorkel-ventures to show their friends later on. The second is that after a few snorkel session photographing reef fish, many guests will come to me and ask

There is nothing better than walking out of your beach front bungalow with fins and mask in hand and then casually slipping into the calm water just a few feet away into a complexity different world. Asia is home to some of the best house reefs in the world, where everything from mantas, schooling fish,

Wakatobi is one of Indonesia’s premiere snorkel destinations. The island of Wakatobi is a small idyllic island dotted with palm trees and fringed by a white sandy beach, short limestone cliffs, and endless coral reefs. In the middle of it all is one boutique dive and snorkel resort knows as Wakatobi Resort, which also happens