What is a House Reef? This is the term we give to reefs that lie in front of resorts, off the jetty or beach that can be accessed directly or by a short swim, usually not requiring a boat ride. Why we love House Reefs? Unlike reefs that can only be access by boat, having

You defiantly don’t have to be scuba diving to take photos underwater. In fact, a lot of the most widely used photography techniques take place in very shallow water where a mask and snorkel are the preferred respiratory gear by most professional underwater photographers. Check out this list of the five most widely used photo

Snorkel Venture team member Alex Lindbloom spent 5 years on a Liveaboard in Indonesia visiting some of the most remote and exciting sites on offer in the Asia-Pacific region. Check out his showreel of favourite locations, for more videos checkout our Snorkel Venture Youtube Channel.

One of our most popular snorkel trip routes is the Alor and Komodo trip in Indonesia. Following on from the previous post, about the first part of the tour in Alor, this post will deal with the second part of the tour in Komodo. After a superb week in Alor, we travel by plane via Kupang

So I have decided to give you a small overview of the trip, what you can expect, what a day in the life of the tour looks like… This post deals with the first part of the tour, in Alor. You can read about the second part of the tour in Komodo here. The tour