We get many snorkelers writing to us, and a question that comes up time and again is, how to snorkel? Snorkeling is a fairly straight forward activity with many benefits including: Spending time in nature Exploring a whole other world right here on our doorstep Enjoying the sunshine/ outdoors/ getting vitamin D (known as the

What is snorkeling and why do we love it? First let me approach the first part of the question… What is snorkeling? Snorkeling is the act of swimming through or on the water while equipped with a mask and snorkel. The Mask allows one to see clearly underwater, and the snorkel (a special hollow tube

We have been lucky enough to spend more than a decade exploring the reefs of South East Asia and have come to love the Philippines, for its people, top side natural beauty and beautiful reefs and marine life. Here are a few of our best places to snorkel in the Philippines: Cabilao: We love to